Fake Agent Videos

For this one we have a combo fake agent videos update for you guys. What’s that? well it’s composed of two videos that we just couldn’t wait anymore to deliver them to you. So we packed them together. In the first one the fake porn agent gets around to banging a very hot and sensual teen with a passion for big cocks. And she does little to hide her cock hunger in the video too. Watch her as she gets pussy pounded doggie style in this one and enjoy. And don’t forget about the other video as well.


For the second part of this fake agent update, we have the same lady as before but she insisted to shoot another scene to give her a better chance of being selected. Well you know we aim to please so we let her go ahead and have some more sex in yet another video. Our guy was extremely happy with this as he was really enjoying her tight and wet teen pussy. So watch her give her best for the second part, even though she did a pretty awesome job in the first one too. And that’s about it for now guys. Until next time, visit the mexicanlust site and see some gorgeous Latina sluts getting nailed!



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Fake Agent XXX Video

Hello everyone, fake agent xxx is back once again and this time we have quite the surprise ins tore for you. It was another successful day as we got our hands on another simply stunning brown headed lady with curly hair that was all eager to show off. We know that you enjoy watching hot babes casting and as you know by now, we always aim to please them and give them what they want. So this little slut wanted to prove that she had it in her to have sex in all kinds of positions, even telling us that she pretty much tried every type of fetish.

Well truth or not, our guy was going to test her body and her pussy and see if her claims hold up. So without further due, head to fakeagent.com and see her fucked hard style in this update. After her short interview like all our women she got undressed to reveal her super sexy and hot red lingerie suit that she’ll also take off. And you can bet our guy had his way with her as he wanted and saw fit. Fucking her all over the place and in all kinds of positions. She will surely impress you too as she did to us. Enjoy guys!


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Anal Destruction

In today’s update we bring you some nice fake agent anal sessions with another horny lady. This slutty blonde is another mature woman that still knows how to party for her sex sessions. And you know the saying, the cougars always have the experience necessary to make a night of fucking unforgettable. And that’s exactly what this lady did to our lucky guy. As soon as she arrived she got undressed and took her place on the couch waiting for the cock to arrive for her, as surely it arrived all big and hard and ready for her to take it.

As our agent took his spot on the couch too this lady didn’t even wait, just mounting his cock to start riding him. So without further due, watch her ride his cock with her pussy like a champ and as the title implies watch her take a very nice and thorough balls deep anal pounding too. She sure as hell wasn’t about to let him go after just that. All in all the lovely mature didn’t let the guy go until she was completely satisfied in every hole she had. Sadly we must take our leave, but like always we’ll be back next week. Until then check out I know that girl website if you’re looking for similar content.



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FakeAgent – Slutty Biby

Hey guys, today’s name of the game for the fakeagent update is slutty Biby. This amazingly eager teen blonde came to us like all our models. Yes even though we’re not a big brand name, we still call them models. So Biby here just got out of college and she’s looking for a job. This gorgeous teen saw our ad and was very interested to try out. According to her she’s not a stranger to having casual sex so you can raise your expectations pretty high for this slutty blonde to deliver an awesome scene.

When she arrived she was kind of shy at first, since she’d never done this sort of thing before. But soon she was bombarding our fake agent if he could do this and that to her while he’d fuck her. A bit dumbfounded our guy agreed to her every whim and it was time for them to get naked. And oh boy, did she deliver or what. Watch her as she starts off with a nice and thorough cock pounding from behind, and then see her continue to hake her hard style dicking in this gallery. We’ll be seeing you again next week with more like always.


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Cat’s Casting Scene

Hey guys, fake agent here again with more superb ladies getting fucked by some serious cock. Today we have a short haired blonde that’s wearing glasses by the name Cat. Cat here is a special lady, you see she always dreamed of doing this sort of thing since she heard one day from a good friend who visited the studios of czechcasting.org, at least one in her lifetime and lucky we were there to fulfill her request. Oh and as a bonus this hottie also works as a secretary. A role which she fulfills quite greatly at the way she looks, which of course is simply amazing. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show she’ll be putting on.

As she arrived at the fakeagent studio she was all dressed in her work clothes, namely a very sexy suit that simply made her loo9k gorgeous and like a serious business woman. She got undressed, met our guy and took her spot on the red couch for the fucking to begin. You could tell she had the experience as she took her doggie style pussy pounding like a pro, a move that we’re sure she rehearsed allot with her boss at the office. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll be seeing you again next week with more galleries.


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FakeAgent – Christine

Christine here is another super sexy woman looking to get into the porn industry for this fakeagent update. This slender blonde teen decided it was time to get rid of her inhibitions and attempt to try and see if she’s got the talent for some girlsdoporn movies. So today she gave a call to us and a few minutes later we had ourselves another scene with a smoking hot woman. And judging by her voice on the phone she was really eager to start the shoot too. Actually she was pretty fast to arrive at the place too.

Anyway our fake agent was all ready to put her body to the test for this one, and as soon as she entered the door she went straight for the bed. It didn’t even take her a few good minutes to get into the mood as she was all ready and naked. Like all awesome scenes begin she spent some time sucking the guy’s big cock to get him nice and hard. After which she laid on her back with legs spread and waited for his cock to fuck her tight pussy. Again we hope you enjoy this update and stay tuned for next week’s update everyone!



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Fake Agent Porn Casting

For this update’s fake agent porn casting session, we’re having yet another amazingly sexy woman ready to get down and dirty to prove she has what it takes to get into the porn industry. Her name is Eve and she’s a really gorgeous blonde with long hair, perky tits, a round ass and a perfect cock hungry pussy. Well to be honest with a body like hers she’s a sure star, but as we’re not an official studio, that’s a bit sad for her. Anyways, eager as she was she did give us a run for our money since she figured out our plot.

But the sexy woman, still wanted to star in something nonetheless so she cam by to shoot her scene. Our Agent had his work cut out for him as this lusty blonde wasn’t about to let him go until she rode his cock and drained him completely. Watch her demand him to fuck her harder and faster at fakeagent.com and watch her performance. After the whole deal was done and the guy was too tired to even get up, she admitted that she has a long streak of fucking guys until they cant walk straight too. Enjoy and if you liked this scene check out the wife bucket website and find similar galleries.


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Cock Hungry Slut

In this fake agent update, we’re brining you a lady with some peculiar tastes in sex. One thing’s for sure, she surprised us and we’re betting our money she’ll surprise you too. As for the whole broke amateurs scene, it started like usual, She gave the call, we answered and she made her way to our studio. Our guys was all ready and she was about to put her sex skills on camera for your entertainment. A short interview later she was taking her clothes off and showing her curves for the camera as she was massaging herself.

But it was also time to get the whole thing started. So our guy presented her with his big cock for her to get to work. And believe us, you’ve never seen a woman like her suck a cock with such passion. She was so good in fact that the guy nearly blew his load straight in her mouth, but luckily she was done with the sucking and ready to get with the fucking. She put her ass and pussy for some hard dicking at fakeagent.com and you’ll be able to see every tiny detail. Stay tuned for our next updates, until then bye guys and enjoy!


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FakeAgent – Rita

Oh boy, are we eager to bring you today’s fakeagent update. This time one of our guys found himself in the presence of a super cock hungry mature lady named Rita. This lady is quite a looker, she has a smoking hot body with an eager pussy and long blonde hair to boot. And it seems that the woman still knows how to have some sexual fun even with all the things going on with her life at this point. According to her she always likes to try out new stuff and this seemed to be the perfect occasion for her.

She picked up the phone and gave us a call, saying that she is ready to fuck for money. And like you know by now, we’ve told her that we’re a big brand name, but in all honesty she’ll be having sex with a fake agent today. A short while later she was on the casting couch, legs spread open, and our guy working hard on her pussy like a champ. But that wasn’t all that this sexy MILF wanted. Oh no. She wanted a balls deep anal fucking too, which our guy was more than happy to deliver to her. See you soon with more everyone. Until then enjoy!


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Fake Agent Casting Vivi

In today’s fake agent casting update, we bring you Vivi a sexy and eager brunette that got fooled into having sex with one of our guys. Rest assured she enjoyed the fucking nonetheless which makes this even more great. Like always we answered the call of a woman that’s in need to audition for the porn industry and this lady was a bit afraid at first, not knowing what to expect. Don’t worry we calmed her down, told her what was going to go down and sent an agent her way. Oh and she was actually really eager by the time our guy got there.

Our guy had to take it slow with her, getting into a nice chat before hand as she was still a bit uncertain. For a moment our guy though the gig was up and she figured out what was going on. But he knows what to do so he explained to her the finer details to entice her. As soon as she was rid of all her inhibitions the hottie had no trouble getting undressed and presenting her pussy for a hard style pounding from our experienced guy here. We hope you enjoyed the update and we’ll see you again soon. Bye guys! IF you wanna see another hot amateur teens fucking for the first time in front of the video camera, cum inside doubleviewcasting.us blog! Bye!


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