Fake Agent Fucks Gina

Hey guys, fake agent here and we aim to become one of your number one sources of awesome porn scenes. What do we do? Well we have one of our guys pose as a fake porn agent that’s there to test the “ladies’ “ aptitudes, to see if she has what it takes to make it in the porn industry. Well Today we got a call from a very beautiful brunette with a perky pair of breasts that was looking to give it a shot at the whole porn thing. And as you guessed we sent in our fakeagent to test her pussy.

The guy made his way to her place and actually had to give a few calls until he could figure out where he was suppose to find the woman. To be fair it didn’t take that log for him to eventually find her place, and as he rang the doorbell the chick answered promptly. Seems she was really eager to try out for the thing, since she just grabbed him and pulled him in instantly, taking off his clothes and dragging him to her bedroom. And let us tell you that sparks flew, as this brunette hottie couldn’t get enough cock riding in this update. Enjoy! If you liked this scene and you are looking for similar videos and pics, join the Czech Streets site and watch some beautiful Czech chicks getting their tight holes stuffed!



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The Agent’s Bar Pickup

Our horny fake agent found another hottie to bang. Well from the looks of it he did a pretty good job because she ends up getting fucked hard by him. He was at this place that just opened and over heard this girl complaining about money problems so he offered his help. He told her that he was an agent and that he could definitely find her something to play in. When she heard that she of course thought about a movie or a tv show, porn wasn’t the first thing that came up her mind. But after he explained things better she accepted to tryout a scene. He ended up taking her to his office and fucked her right on his white couch in front of the camera. It was insane you definitely shouldn’t miss out this smoking hot blonde getting on her knees and sucking off his hard dick in front of the camera and by the way she is really good at it as well. If you liked this hot fakeagent scene you must check out www.public-pickups.org for more pickup scenes. Enjoy it!

the fake agent fucks rita

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Jenny’s auditions

You are about to have a super nice experience today with the newest video! Have a look at Jenny and see how she is going to eat this fake agent’s huge hard tool. You will see this naughty chick in action, eating that immense cock, just to have a chance to get this job. She never imagined that he could be anything else but the agent that is going to hire her for the job. She arrived in time for the interview and after a few questions, he started to make out with her, asking her to get down on her knees.

At first, she was kind of shy and she didn’t knew what to do, but she really wanted the job so she got down, grabbed his cock and she started to blow that tool, taking it all into her eager mouth. Have a look at her and you are going to have the best time watching the whole fakeagent scene! Stay tuned to see what else is she going to do and also check out the newest nurumassage.us.com video, cause it’s outstanding!

fake agent deep down her throat

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Fake Agent – All kinds of positions

A brand new fake agent video is about to cheer you up and you better have a look at it, right away! See how she is going to try getting an audition and, instead of that, she just got her pussy banged hard and heavy! You definitely got to see the whole action, just to see how is she about to get drilled by this guy who is pretending to be the agent. She is going to spread her legs wide open and she is going to have her pussy drilled by that tool. You are going to see how she is going to be penetrated by this guy and you will get to see how fantasized is she about to get by his cock.

It looks like she adores these kinds of auditions and she is definitely going to have many other interviews if things are going to be just as good as now! See how she is going to be fully covered with white spunk and get ready to be all hard! See also a new AllKindOfGirls.net -Valerie sexual experience, if you are in the mood to see many other babes drilled and pleased!

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Fake Agent – Amateurs love to suck

A fresh new fake agent video is about to be exposed and you got to have a look at it, right away! See this horny babe trying to get an audition and, for that, she got down on her knees, willing to suck her interviewer. And the guy who pulls the strings got in right away, since this babe was so eager to start playing with him. Have an amazing time seeing how is she going to get down, unzip his pants and grab his monster tool, starting to play with it and jerk it off. See the whole action and get ready to see what other things is she going to do next.

You got to see the entire action and how is she going to swallow all that cock, shoving it just as deep as possible into her mouth. Relax and have a great time seeing the entire action and I can assure you that you will adore watching this babe being creamed all over her cute face. See also the most recent Broke Amateurs video update, and get ready to see something really spectacular here!

fake agent swallowing his cock

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Fucking her tight butt

Just like every babe, Vicky wanted to make some easy money so, since she liked fucking so much, she decided to go for an audition, to try her luck. But what she didn’t knew was that this wasn’t a real audition. This was just a fake agent, trying to make girls go crazy about him and spread their legs so he could fuck them. See how is he going to start making out with her, teasing her tits with his lips and with his teeth and make her get really wet and slippery. He wanted to shove his tool right into her ass, but for that she needed to be relaxed and opened.

He started to slide his fingers between her legs, rubbing her clit and starting to finger bang her, to make her get as relaxed as possible. He came from behind, spread her butt cheeks widely and he started to shove his immense cock deep inside her tight ass hole, destroying it with his meaty cock. See what else are they about to do in this fakeagent scene and how is she going to react when she will find out that he is a fake interviewer, not a real one. See also the most recent http://buttman.me/ video, to see many other incredible scenes, just the kind that you like watching.

fake agent fucked doggy style

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Fake Agent Lenka

Another amateur chick gets tricked in this latest update from fake agent com. Lenka really wanted the job so bad so she didn’t mind sucking off her interviewer’s dick. She was broke and this was the easiest way to earn money without too much hard work. The sexy blonde went there and after answering some questions he asked her for a demonstration. At first, she was shy in front of the camera but after a while, she completely forgot about it and did an amazing job sucking off his dick. After that, she didn’t mind at all getting fucked on camera too. We have her entire interview below and she did an amazing job and you can see it all below. We’ll be back next time with more broke amateurs getting fucked by the agent! Until then, check out the http://netvideogirls.us/ site and see some gorgeous amateur babes sucking cocks and eating cum!


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Hot Amateur Tereza

Tereza is here with her latest scene from fakeagent.com! The broke amateur didn’t have any problems stripping off and getting fucked for a job. She borrowed some money from the wrong people and she had to pay them off one way or another. Tereza heard about these movie jobs and that they are very well paid so she had to try them. The sexy blonde booked an interview and as you can see things went pretty well between them. The guy asked her a few questions in front of the camera just to get her used to it. But both of them knew what was going to happen next so they didn’t want to waste more time and Tereza got to suck and ride her agent’s dick. Enjoy it and see you guys later with more updates! Also you might enter the site and see other sexy amateur babes getting nailed!


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The Agent Fucks Alexandra

Alexandra is the latest amateur to get fucked in a fakeagent com scene. Like every amateur chick around here, she thought she was getting a legit job in the business but things didn’t work out as well as she expected. Some friends told her about this guy interviewing chicks for porn movies. Once she got there it was a bit weird because she didn’t sign any papers and everyone was shady on giving too much information. Alexandra continued with it anyway and did her part of the job, including sucking and getting fucked by the so-called agent and everything happened in front of the camera. You must check her out in action in the scene below and make sure you come back for more steamy scenes! Also you might enter the realgfsexposed site and see some sexy amateur ladies getting fucked!


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Fake Porn Agent

The fake porn agent hits again with another sexy amateur getting fucked in this update. The fake porn agent found a new amateur to fuck and like everyone else she didn’t have any idea that he was a phony. He was looking for his next victim and the bars are always great places to find them.

He went over to her and after talking for a bit he let it slip that he was an agent and that he’s in town looking for new stars. The idea of being an actress, even if it was for adult movies, made her extremely excited so she told him that she’s interested too. He explained that she had to audition for it so they went to his hotel room to try out the sexy amateur. Well, she got famous but she didn’t get any money out of it! Check out the http://castingcouchx.me/ blog if you wanna see other hot amateurs getting nailed!


See this amateur getting fucked by a phony agent!

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